Working Papers

Revised: Taxing Hidden Wealth: The Consequences of U.S. Enforcement Initiatives for Evasive Foreign Accounts, with Niels Johannesen, Patrick Langetieg, Max Risch, and Joel Slemrod. Online Appendix. Conditionally Accepted, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

Optimal Defaults with Normative Ambiguity, with Jacob Goldin.
Winner: International Institute of Public Finance Young Economists Award, 2018.

Who Sold During the Crash of 2008-9? Evidence from Tax Return Data on Daily Sales of Stock, with Jeffrey Hoopes, Stefan Nagel, Patrick Langetieg, Joel Slemrod, and Bryan Stuart.
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Taxes and Mistakes: What's in a Sufficient Statistic? 

Diminishing Marginal Utility Revisited, with Miles Kimball, Fumio Ohtake, Yoshiro Tsutsui, and Fudong Zhang.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Revealed Preference Analysis with Framing Effects, with Jacob Goldin. Online Appendix. Forthcoming, Journal of Political Economy.
*Note: This work was previously circulated under "Preference Identification Under Inconsistent Choice."

Do Lower Minimum Wages for Young Workers Raise their Employment? Evidence from a Danish Discontinuity, with Claus Kreiner and Peer Skov.  Forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics.
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Taxpayer Search for Information: Implications for Rational Attention, with Jeffrey Hoopes and Joel Slemrod. 2015. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 7 (3): 177-208. 
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Does Credit-Card Information Reporting Improve Small-Business Tax Compliance? with Joel Slemrod, Brett Collins, Jeffrey Hoopes, and Michael Sebastiani. 2017.  Journal of Public Economics, 149: 1-19.

The Analysis of Survey Data with Framing Effects, with Jacob Goldin. 2018. The American Statistician. Appendix.

Other Publications

Rationalizations and Mistakes: Optimal Policy with Normative Ambiguity, with Jacob Goldin. 2018. American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, 148: 98-102.

Non-academic writing

In 2014, Emily Clader and I taught a workshop on mathematics and creative writing at 826Michigan. Our lesson plan was published as "Infinite Recess" in 826National's STEM to Story: Enthralling and Effective Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8. Read more about it at